About Voyapic

“Travels are one of the key things that define our life’s journey.“

We learn, we grow and we cherish these travel moments throughout our life. They became our legacy and we believe that they must be stored and shared.

So, do you have all your life’s travel stories stored in one place so that you can share it as your legacy with others?

Way back in 2012, Tanuj and Anuj (the co-founders) also didn’t have them in place! Their travel photos and videos were scattered on different devices or in different physically printed albums or discs which were kept in some corner of their home.

Now in 2020, with the advancement of technology, they have all their travel experiences and stories of the last 5 years in one dedicated app, Voyapic.

Voyapic is an innovative and dedicated travel showcase app that helps you easily capture or import all your travel experiences and stories in form of photos, videos and locations and keep them all in one place.

With existing 5,000+ users from 50+ countries around the world, Voyapic has sparked and advanced the engineering in the area of travel and lifestyle. It is now changing its approach, design and engineering and releasing a new app in May 2020 with a new experience, a social network and an ability to allow you to showcase your travel stories to the world.

We are a team of experience designers and technocrats based in Bangalore - India, who are committed to technology innovation and excellence. At the same time, we wish to bring joy and do good for the people around the world.

In future, we endeavour to make you relive and showcase all your travel moments in the best possible ways by using high-end technologies involved in augmented reality and virtual reality.

Our History

  1. Web Prototype Released,

    Named Roadlike.

    March 2013
  2. Mobile App Prototypes Released,

    Named Roadlike.

    Sept 2014
  3. 500+ Beta Users

    (Without Marketing)

    June 2015
  4. Covered as “Featured Apps” by Top newspaper of India

    Times Of India

    Dec 2015
  5. 2,000+ Beta Users

    (Without Marketing)

  6. Target Market Changed

    (based on current users and interests)

  7. 4,000+ Beta Users

    (Without Marketing)

  8. Introduced Social Networking

    (based on current users and interests)

  9. 5,000+ Beta Users

    (Without Marketing)

  10. Brand Name Changed

    From Roadlike to Voyapic

  11. Registered as a Private Limited

    Company in India

  12. Releasing an updated app

    With a complete changeover.

    May 2020

Meet The founders

Two brothers by blood with a common vision came together in 2009 to advance the user experience and engineering in the area of travel and lifestyle.

Tanuj Shah

Co-Founder, CEO

Meet Tanuj, he is an accomplished and reputed UX Designer & Technocrat with 16+ years of experience in the Industry of Software and Information Technology. He lives in Bangalore, India and is a product of Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati (IITG) where he completed his Bachelor's degree. Later in 2006 he went to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor to complete his masters.

He is passionate about 3 things in life i.e. technology, traveling and his family. He runs a User Experience Design company in Bangalore where he works with a team of 31 designers and engineers for top blue chip companies of the world being his clients.

Tanuj has travelled half the globe till now. He gave wings to his passion for travelling when he was in 3rd year of engineering at IITG. His first trip outside India was to Leon, France and since then his travels have never stopped. He has been to most parts of the globe - Europe, Hong Kong, China, North America, UK, Australia. He believes that travel changes perspectives, opens thinking and makes people more humble.

Anuj Shah

Co-Founder, COO

Meet Anuj, he has a background in Finance, Investment and Taxation. By education he is a Chartered Accountant (CA), he worked as a CA for 5 years in one of the highly reputed companies of India, BMR Advisors.

Tanuj and Anuj always wanted to do something of their own and wanted to be together, credit goes to their good partnership and understanding developed during their childhood. So later, in 2009, when Tanuj returned to India for good, Anuj left his profession as a CA and joined Tanuj to start the User Experience Design company in Bangalore India. They came up with a common vision to lead the world in user experience design and technology.

Like Tanuj, he is also passionate about travelling and has been an avid traveller since 2010. This apart, he has found his passion in marketing and business management and this has led him to take keen interest in the marketing and business management divisions of the company.